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Saturday, October 22, 2016


I am so happy Natalie invited me to visit Kona on her First day at the new Stables.  I just fell in love with horses!  They are so beautiful, strong, funny and interesting.  Yesterday we got to witness the horses working out the PECKING order...very stressful.  Here are more pictures on Flickr

I love the next three pictures because Kona and Bella are eating.  The two head horses
kept chasing them away from the hay.  This is when Kona decided she was going to
stay and eat, no one was going to chase her away. 

Bella was also hungry but it took her a little longer to stay and eat,  She would grab some hay and run.  I was so happy when she got a mouthful of hay.

Now things have settled down and both horses are eating. 

This horse is so nice and funny but that doesn't mean she isn't the HEAD HORSE in
charge.  When Natalie told me she would be the horse to let Kona know who was in
charge, I couldn't imagine.  Well, when the food arrived she stop hanging out with us
and let Kona and Bella know she is the boss. 
Bella and Kona~ Friends from the old stable...they came together.
  So happy Kona has a friend at the new stable.


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